Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Never trust anyone even though they are your family

There is no real happy family without some members in it become a betrayers, I mean silent betrayers. Even, siblings also can stab their own brother's or sister's back even though they're so close when they still kids. I ever seen adult sibling fought just because they wanted the Native Customary Land. At the end, they cut their own ties of kinship.

Now, I would like to share you one story of mine happen to me lately and of course, I'm the victim AGAIN. Many months ago, Starick (Carlson's cousin) stay at Carlson house for a temporary because he need to go to his MARA classes. I remember when Carlson's mother use to told me that Starick like to use other people's stuff like washing goods, foods and many other things without even try to refill it. The worst part is when he try to refill it, he silently keep his stuffs in his room because he don't want other people come and use it. That's weird.

Carlson also used to complain to me that he lost his money around RM50 which he kept it in his drawer inside his room, while you know.. He also dare to stalk other people stuff like my laptop, even my phone (because I left it there and I need to rush to go to UNIMAS that time). After that, Carlson try to lecture him through phone text and then, he suddenly move out from that house. He also blocked me on Facebook and I was like, what the fuck?

He maybe thought that I have said something bad about him to Carlson and seriously, I don't have any idea what he's trying to do even thought I think that he's a jerk. They both just the same who try to hide their own stuff inside their own home. Even Carlson's mother ask Carlson to expel their own relative out from their home.

The lesson we must learn here is, never trust anyone even they are our family. I don't know anything about what the hell happen between them and suddenly I become the victim from the all side. Fish.

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