Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Black sheep in family

It is sad when we know we ever became a dark history of our family, which we have been raised by parent who always put all the blame on us. You see, I never making my own story about someone. You read these pictures below and you will understand.

It's so clear why children so afraid to their parent. They give more threatened than love. They show more angry, tears and complain than try to understand their children's problem. After many bad incidents happen to us last year, I see Carlson now stop telling his parent where'd he go especially when we're going to my parent's house. He prefer to being dishonest like he did to me sometimes, I know he's scare. 

Like he used to told, no matter how good he trying to be, people always put the blame on him. I dare to share this on my blog because I want people know their true color and wish that you guys never fall into this trap just like me and now, I'm stuck here like forever. 

If you expect your child to understand your feeling, please be more tolerate and understand their feeling too. We are all human being, we do hurt, and cry. 

p/s Never become a straw-man type.

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