Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The real victim between religion's war

Some people must be questioning me (inside their mind) about my blog. Why my personal blog entries most of the time contain something that we call racist and prejudice with the religious people? I don't know how to explain everything so well but I wish you guys can feel how I feel when we know we stuck in the middle of religious bigots.

I truly admit maybe some of my own race people are bad, most of them are Muslim. Maybe some of them who not so holy Muslims might say that "Ouh, that's not the true Muslim" but I guess it is still Muslim who believe in Allah and they did that because of their God. Same goes with Christian people. I didn't say Islam is the only religion who have their own bigots. Christian also do have their own bigots. You maybe find its hard to find especially when you live in Islamic country (usually they did it silently), but once you go to the outside, you will see there's nothing different between them. 50-50.

Issue about "Allah" name inside the bible
There're Muslim who want "Allah" name to be banned in the Bible, but there're also Muslim who support "Allah" name in the Bible. In the same time Christian people condemned all the Muslim including Muslim who supporting them, accusing them like the bigot Muslims accusing them. Since the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not privacy, I guess you can see their mentality level.

Thief, baby dumping, and all the criminal cases MUST be linked to Malay ethnic
"You know, that Malay thief..." "Those Malay think they are better!" "Which race dump their baby a lot??" I just don't understand why they keep blaming the ethnic, or they confuse between race and religion? For educated sake, those people no matter how higher their educated level, stupidity remains. I am Malay people, and my money was stolen by Bidayuh guy and my family used to be insulted by Iban family just because my dad washed his car at somewhere else.

Issue about Malay politics and Malay Malaysian leader
Yes, we are all know that most of our leader is from Malay ethnic. Some maybe a good leader, some maybe not. It's funny when some people think they are too brave to fight for this thing, but they only did it inside social media with fake account or at least become anonymous. Keep blaming Malay ethnic in everything with their own language so that other ethnic people can't understand on what they're saying. Bigot Muslims condemning Christian, bigot Christians condemning all Malays. No offense.

Issue about MH370 MAS plane and Muslim pilots
That day, I've seen FOX News video about MH370 and they blaming their pilot because he's Muslim and maybe they can relate it with terrorism. I also read some news about muallaf Ridhuan Tee try to suggest that alcohol shouldn't be served inside MAS flight and the Muslim stewardess should wearing hijab so that there will be no accident happen. I'm just speechless actually because I can't relate between religious thing and logic thing. LOL. While the non-Muslim yelling and curse for being so insecure.

Issue about war and Middle East conflict
We have been heard about 529 Egypt Ikhwanul Muslimin will be killed because they try to fight for Islam. There are lot of Muslims unite and protest the kill punishment, same like what happen in Gaza. While in Philippine, there're natural disaster (heavy storm) happen to them lately and need people help. Like usual, the Muslim help their own people like Christian help their own people. It's so rare when you see other people who have the different belief try to help all people as much as they can, equal, fair and square.

Issue about Ibrahim Ali want to burn the Bible
Only psycho fanatics will support this stupid idea. It's clearly they are bigots who seek for attention so that all people know that they are "holy" like I want to vomit. Yuck.

But I also don't support Non-Muslim who live in Malaysia who think that they have been discriminated by Malay people, like government job vacancies. My brothers until this day don't have any permanent job, especially government even they not called for interview at all. I think government jobs have their own quota depending on percent of ethnics (they must have their own reason then).

I didn't mean to say bad thing about Christian and Muslim, but sometimes those bigots really asking me to say bad things toward them. Even though our law force all Malay's religion should automatically Islam especially on their ID, doesn't mean their heart believe in God (only some of them, while the rest converting to Chistian, Hindhu or Buddha. They just like a victim who stuck in between of wars which could kill them for not believe in both fallacies.

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