Friday, April 11, 2014

It is not easy to become a hardcore blogger

It's already 5 years since first time I become a blogger, I can feel that my old time so vary compare with this present time. Most of the other bloggers who used to be famous before, and now they quit and some of them became less productive (in writing). Well, maybe blogging is not anymore nowadays trend since there's so many other social web which more fun and chatty. Facebook is the oldest social web which still famous until now. But blog is still the best for me especially 3 years ago where we can do some blogwalking, chats, Gengblogger, Formspring and many other things.

Now, my blog comments become useless and full of spams. I also prefer to blog quietly since my entries a bit extreme and sensitive. I like to go blogwalking but now I just stop because bloggers start to extinct. There's only a few people who like to write and read. While the others keep scrolling their smartphone, listen to music, Facebooking, selfies, and chatting. I rarely share my blog post to my Facebook page, or even tweet it on twitter. I'm just feel comfortable with this way, quiet and happy to express my feeling.

How about Nuffnang? Well, I don't really bother about that anymore. I have got less visitors and I'm okay with it. I don't mind about money, or hot stuff.

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