Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Story about "garbage"

Once upon a time, I have a great life, I'm happy even though I always alone. Until one day, I have found someone's "garbage". Why call him a "garbage" is because he used to call himself a "garbage".  That "garbage" look so lame, useless and worthless. He also been abandoned by his owner because he's already a "garbage". I feel sorry with his condition, so I took him and make him as my best friend. I clean him up, I took care him like a diamond until he become something that he should deserve more than a "rubbish" which from nothing to something. I wasted my energy, my money and my time just to make him feel better about himself. Everybody want to be with him, everybody loves him. I'm glad I could make him more confident about himself.

Until one time, I didn't realize I was abandoned myself and make myself look like a "garbage". I'm broke, I'm old and I messed myself just to make sure people around me be happy. The "garbage" now is not the "garbage" that I have known before. His old owner trying to reach him back when they know the "garbage" now become pretty and prettier. He also wanted to go back again to his old owner silently and make me be like such a fool. I realize I was help someone who will leave me once they reach the top. 

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