Friday, April 11, 2014

My love, my Malay ethnic

Realize or not, Malay race become low-prestige day by day. Malay ethnic is the most ethnic insulted not just by other ethnics but also by their own people. The Malay race become worse when their own people accusing their own race just because some of their people do the bad thing. I'm so sad when Malay and Non-Malay people say anything bad toward my race, even Iban/Bidayuh people won't blame their race because of bad people. I used to read an article about people who rather change their own race to Jawa, Bugis or mix just because they shy to admit they are Malay.

We need to understand, if you mad at that people, say whatever you like toward them as long as you don't say anything about their race. I don't care if you want to blame their religion, because religion make their people to be what their God want. If they become a bad person and still believe in God, that's their religion even though some people maybe refuse my idea. Just logic, if you believe God is good and your religion is full of kindness thing, forgiveness and love, you must do what they have told you. If you refuse to do that, means that you don't believe in your God but if you say that you believe but you still do the bad thing, I assume your religion is bad and your God can't control you. It's simple. I don't want to see what inside their holy book, I judge their religion by the way they act toward other people.

If you want to be sarcastic (funny way) to your own race, it is up to you actually but at least think twice before you say anything, because people firstly think that they want to give their own race a lesson but end up become an attention seeker. If you want to share your opinion, make sure you never think you are better than them. If you love your own race, start it from you yourself first.

I also one of those people who really shy to admit that I'm Malay because most of Sarawakian Bumiputera here doesn't seems like into Malay things because they're assume that Malay is Islam. I used to say to the other people that my race is mix Iban and malay. I used to hate my own race because of some Muslims insulted me during our classes. They condemned me for not being religious and don't follow the Islam rules especially not wearing hijab. I wish I can explain everything to them so that their mouth will shut like forever.

But also, there's a lot of Malay girl who really nice, polite and respect me for being myself. I adore Malay ethnic so much and I'm proud to become part of it. I hate when religion come and change everything the originality of Malay especially the traditional clothes.