Friday, April 18, 2014

Looking for my prince charming

Every women dream to have their own prince charming and live with them forever and ever. To me, my dream guy is just a simple guy. I don't really like "holy" guy who give their life and soul to their God. I don't even attract with guy who dress like Arab guy and act like they're so religious. Yes, indeed. I'm different from the other woman, or even some typical guy who dream "religious virgin pretty"girl as their partner. The nice guy that I always dream about is not the same "nice" guy that other girl dream. I want guy who can be my protector, who can protect me from bad people no matter what. I always dream a guy who can support me anytime even though he knows that I'm wrong. He always be there for me. You know, too bad Carlson never be like the guy that I always dream about. It is not because I'm not trying to be grateful, it is just a bit demanding for the sake of my future and my happiness.

I took it from Facebook. I'm just admire his handsome matured face, nothing more than that

I know there's no perfect guy in this world, perfect is never in my list. All I wanted is the best of the best. I'm not a person who easily give my love just like that to the random people. I'm a loyal person and sometimes too stupid for being too loyal. I never change my partner like I change my clothes. I always hold this quote and keep it for me,

'Never take someone for granted,hold every person close to ur heart,because you might wake up one day and realize, That you have lost a diamond, While you were too busy collecting stones.'

That's the reason why I still stuck in the middle of way to love and married. I still put a little tiny hope for him, but at the same time, I wish someone come and save me from this situation. I'm afraid I can't hold it any longer and I will start to hurt myself. I'm not strong enough to face something like this.


Mitsu Kizu Zie said...

nak jodoh yang baik kena diri sendiri jadi baik...lelaki dan perempuan sama...bila couple cari yang free tapi bila kawen mesti cari yang menjaga diri... :)

Aliana AB said...

Yup. Jadi baik mungkin common sebab berdasarkan pengalaman, apa yang kita rasa baik, orang lain mungkin pandang benda itu tak baik.. Pandangan baik itu mungkin berbeza tapi as long as kita tahu apa yang kita lakukan. Mencari yang terbaik tak semestinya sempurna, tapi semua tu jodoh dari Allah.. Perbaiki diri bukan untuk orang lain tapi untuk diri sendiri. =)