Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautiful women

Picture deleted
The most cutest Malay girl that I ever seen

I always wondering people like to claim that the woman who come from their place which same with their race are more prettier than the other woman who from the other places. Sometimes, It is sound like positive which we should be proud with where we're belong, but sometimes I feel a bit annoyed. Beautiful doesn't belong to any races, any religions or even any places. Women are all beautiful in their own ways, no matter what ethnic there're belong to.

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These women are both pure Iban

What do you feel if you are Indian girl, then someone said "All of Malay women are pretty", while you must think that other women than Malay women are not pretty as Malay women. People, or even the adults or the old men, they like to set pretty level according to the race that they're belong, which I've found it's doesn't make any sense at all. I have seen pretty a native woman, and I have seen not so pretty ****** woman. I won't tell you because you might be offended, which you'll 100% denied that.

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My Lun Bawang bestfriend

Like you always said to the other people about your same race pretty women, how do you feel when other people say something the same like you did? Yes. Beautiful is subjective, but most pretty face always be the on top. Let's change our mind, women are beautiful. Throw away all the races, religions and place they're belong because that's nothing to do with pretty things.

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This woman is Bidayuh woman

But, sometimes I understand. It is hard to change the people's mentality. 
This is me, with a lot of mixed

Women are women. We're not chicken eggs with specific grade on it. We can't change male mentality because to them, we're just their sex symbol no matter how much we're try to cover our body. We just can change us, at least appreciate other women and teach our children to appreciate them.

p/s I need to delete my friend's pictures due to protect them from weirdos. They didn't asking me to delete it, it is my will because I love my friends.


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