Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stereotype of Sarawak people

I found this when I was scrolling my Facebook wall. This picture below was posted by Carlson's cousin about complaining some people who don't respect her religion and she said that this land is suppose to belong to God, not specific races or religions.

Well, I actually just okay with it because some part that she said a bit make sense to me until I read her comment with her friend, the picture below.

I don't know why I suddenly feel frustrated about her. For your information, "kirian", "killiang", "kiliang" or "kireng" means Malay in Bidayuh Bau language. Carlson's cousin has many Muslim friends than me and I think her friends also "likes" her status without knowing what is actually happen. Mostly her friends from Malaysia peninsular. While "mu pu'an geh leh.." means that "you knows.." something like that.

Why stereotype? You see when they started playing their game on how they make themselves as an innocent people while the others look so bad. Okay, I try to think positive, she said she will unfriend people who show their racism on her Facebook wall, and yes she did because she said that, and I think she should unfriend her friend too because of stereotypes. Or... she mean that she will unfriend the racist MALAY people, not racist IBAN people or racist BIDAYUH people, like that. So, what if I do the way she did and see what her respond.. Hurt isn't it?? But I won't do that even though they hurt me so much.

But do you guys know what stereotype is?

"Stereotypes often form a complex, multifaceted set of associations that includes both positive and negative components. For example, traits like poor, lazy, and athletic are often associated with Black people in explicit and implicit measures" 
(Harding, Proshansky, Kutner & Chein, 1969; Secord & Backman, 1974).

For your information also, not all Malay people so damn lazy to read all the journal or articles.

If I'm not mistaken, we all have learned about stereotype in university in "Hubungan Etnik" subject which we thought that subject just wasting our time and useless. To dig a deep, stereotype mean we set our mind like "Extremist, theft, or bad people can be related with Malay people" which is mean that our attitude can be based on categories, races and religions.

I hate racist, I also hate stereotype people. I hate when my own race condemn the other races. I always remind myself to be good to all people, not depending on their groups and communities. I didn't mean to humiliating her in my blog, I want people know how dangerous the stereotype is, and hope we can stop other people to follow this kind of attitude.

Don't ever think that we have our own native language, we can talk bad behind other races back. Maybe they don't understand what we're saying but suppose to be someone who believe in God never do something like that unless I don't know how Christian teach their believer to behave, or maybe talk behind someone back is not sin to them. I don't know.

If you want to unfriend racist people, just unfriend. If you want to be positive, you need to start from yourself, then you automatically can transfer the positive vibes to other people.

Maybe some Malay people don't know how to give a respect to the other races. But, think about the other Malays who support and fight for the other races. Think about the other Malays who care about other race's sensitivities.

p/s Still got some people who think Malay is Islam/Muslim, I don't know why but this is super stupid idiot mindset. Hm.


1. Harding, J., Proshansky, H., Kutner, B.~ & Chein, I. (1969). Prejudice and ethnic relations. In G. Lindzey (Ed.), Handbook ofsocialpsychology (Vol. 5). Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

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Mitsu Kizu Zie said...

betul tu...I hate racist too...kadang sedih juga bila kawan agama lain hina2 islam dan juga sebaliknya...agama x salah tapi individu yang membuat onar tu yg patut di persalahkan..benar kata pepatah sebab setitik nila rosak susu sebelanga...jgn terlalu extreme dalam hal agama...lakukan ibadat dgn ikhlas dan jujur...menghukum bukan hak kita tapi Allah saja yang tahu

Aliana AB said...

u are right! Bila kita melawan orang yang melawan kita, agaknya dah tak ada beza antara kita dan mereka. Better berdiam diri dan jaga diri untuk kebenaran suatu hari nanti.