Friday, May 9, 2014

Warning Book of Christian Agenda

Once again, our Malaysia been hit by religious war-torn. 13 May tragedy seems to be worthless to remembered. This time is about the "Buku Amaran Agenda Kristian" (Warning Book of Christian Agenda) written by Muslim who don't have any idea about the other religions but still they act like they know everything. I wonder their religion ask them to think positive but what they did to other people is always negative. That book has been distributed by Selangor Islamic Religious Council (MAIS) during "The use of the name of Allah and Christology" seminar at Teknologi Mara university. That seminar was attended more than thousand of students which I'm not sure whether it consisted by all Muslim or mix Muslim and Non-Muslim. I also have seen the content of that book was posted on Non-Muslim Facebook group (Iban community) and it is look so disgusting to me (both the book content and also stupid comment from certain people).

My opinion about this issue is most of Muslim feeling so insecure especially when they need face to face with Christian issue of the use of Allah name in their bible. If I'm not mistaken, I have seen the Allah name in the Bible since I was young same like the other Muslim in Sarawak. We also know there's a lot of Muslim renounce their religion since the Islam become more radical day by day. But trust me, people did murtad not because they confuse with Allah name in the Bible. People not so that stupid and I found it so ridiculous excuses from Muslim bigots. We must alert that we're just a puppets played by politicians. What else they can do other than distracting us from major important issues to something stupid religious issues so that we could fight each other and at the end of the story, the politician become a hero. Amazingly, people like to think they are smart but actually they don't. They think they do the jihad thing even willing to die for it, fight Christian people who absolutely did nothing to them. They think they can protect the name of "Allah", but what they did is make people around the world become gross to Islam.

You see, this is how radical Muslim become a preacher. If they don't fight, they lie. If they don't lie, they will make you step inside their trap by giving some money especially when you are poor pagan people.

I didn't mean to support the other side. I don't even want to support the both which who should use the "Allah" name in their religion book. To me, Allah is not God, even the Bible from the west country never use the name of Allah. So, if some people think that Allah is God, I think that's not a big deal for them to change to the word Allah to God in the Bible. It is just the same right, why make it such a big deal? Why fight people who particularly the most Muslim radical and always be the priority because they live in the Islamic country. You never win, you should know that.

A long time ago, those Arabs have no specific word to call their God, so they take the Allah name from the Quran and put it in the Bible (because Bible was translated from Aramaic (original language of Bible) to Hebrew and then to all languages including Arab language) or in the other religion books which make them think that Allah means God

Back to the topic. About the Warning Book of Christian Agenda, I don't really agree they should distribute that book. The main reason that we so clear about that book is the content, so much fictions, lies and fitna (Arab language). I don't care if people get offended or not, forgeries is forgeries. You can criticize on something but you must come with facts, not idiotic. Muslim in Islamic countries keep complaining that other Muslim live in secular countries always get discriminated by the majorities, but they also discriminate the Non-Muslim minorities in Islamic countries.

I hate people who use their religion words to hurt other people feelings, but the true fact in Islam, Muslim radical who think they are religious tend to use the curse words so many times like babi (pig), anjing (bitch), sinner, go to hell, burn in hell and so on to express their un-matured anger. Well, hardly to say, that's what their religion teach. Same like the other religions like Christian people who also curse in Facebook comments about religious issues. I guess forgiving and love the enemies is just their surface quotes to make their religion attractive. Opps, not all just some of them (said by typical offended people). Just saying.

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