Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's day

Yesterday was a mother's day. Some people think that we should appreciate our mother everyday. Yes, indeed that's so positive but we only see people post their social media status about their mother on mother's day, or perhaps a day before or after. The time they will show off how happy their family is, tag their mother's name and father's name so that people will know their parent is up-to-date, commenting with each other on Facebook even though they are all live in the same house in the same time. Haha. No offence. I'm just saying. We can do whatever we want on social media as long as we don't make other people in trouble.

But how about the orphan? Are they always go online like the other normal people, update the status about how they miss so much their mother? To me, having a mother or not is not important. The most important is how we appreciate her with or without her existence. People who don't have a mother doesn't mean they can't be happy because they know their mother always love them. People who have their mother doesn't mean they are lucky because sometimes mother can act like a bitch. Not all mother love their children. They are not an angel, they are just human being.

While me, I still have my parent. My mum and my dad didn't stay together since many years ago but they don't divorce. I stay far away from both of them, and I'm so rarely going home to see them because my schedule quite messy and I always run out of the time since I'm still study at UNIMAS. But, if I go home, I will go to my dad's house which the only transport that I can get, after that, it is up to him whether he want to bring us to go to mum's house or not since the travel distance take around 4-5 hours one way (usually he always did). My mum like to stay at her village because she can go fishing, plant the vegetables or at least do something rather than stay at home (my dad's home). She used to work as an ordinary chef at SMK Dalat school's canteen/hall but sadly she was fired because her co-worker sabotage her by asked her to go home, while they actually planning to replace my mum with their own relative (same race - Dalat Melanau). My mum used to have a phone when she start to move to her village but that phone broken because she bring it into the water. We was plan to give her a new phone but she refuse "don't waste money to buy my phone" She said, "I don't mind if I don't have a phone". I wish I have a lot of money, I could buy her anything.

I'm so glad my dad spend his weekend to visit my mum and give her whatever she needs. Moreover, my aunt also stay with her so that they both can take care of each other. I just don't understand why some people mostly student are so homesick, need to go home on every weekend giving an excuses that they miss their mum so much but actually they are lazy to cook, they have no money and they wanted to do nothing but relax and trouble their parent with their work.

I'm happy because I have such a nice mum, the most innocent and understanding person and love all her children. Like I said before, not all people are lucky to have a good mum. Some of them willing to throw away their child, kill them, sell them or even disown them because they are different. I hope the unlucky child will survive and make their own life and never treat their children like their mum did and I hope my mum will accept me for who I am.

p/s: I always thought that the best mother's day is the day she when delivered us, means that the day of our birthday which the day she fight to nearly death just for us.

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