Friday, August 29, 2014

Interracial couple

There were some people used to asked me, why I don't even want to try to be in love with Malay guy which is the guy who have the same race with me.. Bla bla, something like that. I also remembered how I gave my response to them and I think that's stupid as fuck, LOL because I didn't expect that question so I just answer according to what already inside my mind that day.

In contrast, I don't have any reason for that. I don't even think that specific race is my requirement to fall in love. I also don't even think that gender should be my requirement, really. All I want to see is their commitment, their attitude and the other things that I should consider about.

Do you know that my first boyfriend was a Malay guy and he's so kind and polite. He's from Pahang (Peninsular Malaysia) and his family quite religious. Our relationship became hard because I don't trust him since he was so busy and I was young like 20, I guess. Well, right now I prefer to be friend with guys actually. I love their knowledge like game, sport and so on. You know it was hard for me during my school time because guy only want to be friend with pretty girl while I always be an invisible only seen by the other girls who need me at that time.

The guy in the picture is my current partner. He's Bidayuh guy from Bau Sarawak. Our relationship is already 4-5 years and it is quite long period for me since we still stuck like this. I don't know why I'm choosing him as my partner. We were such a bestfriend before that, and I used to swear to myself never ever be with this guy because he was once racist and pervert (hell yeah because he like nude sexy Chinese girl body). Trust me, he's far away from special. He's not romantic neither put me as his priority.

I used to love him so desperately because I was stupid. Nay, I was too young and too late to realize that. I'm a loyal person and hard to move on. By the way, he's nice guy but he ain't perfect. I am not perfect too and I'm still learning. I did wrong so many time and I fixed it. Same goes with him. I'm glad he changed a bit, make up his mind to be better than he was.

I don't care about race. Race got nothing to do with my love, but I care about people who demand religious thing toward their partner. They never be in my list.

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