Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cabalsea game

I knew that I almost too late to follow the MMORPG trend that happening since many years ago. I just want to tell you guys the things that make me become anti-social, rarely go out for activities and been quiet for a long time on social media is Cabalsea game. Cabal game actually pretty lame game because right now, they trying to introduce the Cabal 2 game. I start playing this game a few months ago and it is very addicting. 

This is my character

I like this game because it is not so heavy, smooth, no lag, didn't take too much RAM and space but the graphic a bit.. you know. This game also didn't take so much internet data. We can play this game and also download some movies or videos at the time even though we just use the cheapest and slowest Streamyx internet package. 

Other than Cabal, you also can try the Dragon Nest, PSO2 and many others but right now, I will move forward to PSO2 since that MMORPG shows a very good graphic, sharp and cool. Online game surely fun to me compare to offline game because you can meet other characters and compete them live. 

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