Monday, August 25, 2014

Wild and free

When we talk about wild and free life, some people will imagine the most disgusting unhealthy lifestyle like dirty sex, drugs, alcohols, bad attitudes and diseases. Older people also brainwashed young people in Malaysia cannot stand over "social life". They though these "social" means that we can have free sex, random sex and everything about unhealthy sex. I wonder why those kind of people like to think so negative, be too sensitive, overthinking and overreacting?

When I was in the middle school, I also used to think that "social people" is a people who live without purpose, having to much fun until they lost their dignity and mostly make me so disgusting especially if we talk about "social girls". OK. That was before, I was blind and now I can see which one is true. Like people said, the truth must be bitter.. But the truth is the truth. I won't be judgmental even though I have chance in experiencing it. Some people maybe have the same path but not the feeling.

What we know about good and bad people?

Do you think "social people" is real bad people?

Do you think people who not "social" is real good people?

Do we expert enough to judge which people is good and which is bad?

I started knowing about true color of people when I further my study. I be friend with a lot of people no matter what kind of race and their religion. Most of them are wild and free teenagers who like to go clubbing and have many guys friends. Many of them also very well in studying even have better study performance than me who always stay nice at home in the middle of the night. I also know some girls who wore hijab at day and sexy dress at night. Some of them are nice, not backstabber, not selfish, and humble. 

I never go to the club yet, and those friends never force me to join them or influencing me to be like them. I think "pengaruh rakan sebaya" is a bit nonsense to me. As long as you know what you want to do, what you want to be, you will never be someone else. I don't think that be friend with "un-social" people will make us nice. We are nice because we wanted to be nice. 

But I also didn't mean that "social people" is a good people while the people who not "social" is bad people. The most important thing here, do not simply classify bad or good from the way of people life. We have no idea what they have been through and what make them be like that. Sometimes, I feel so annoyed with closed minded people talk like they know everything but they actually done nothing. 

If they too much insecure about wild and free people, they should stay at home and be quiet. Stop be so disgusting like innocent people. No one is innocent. One more thing, I knew one girl who like to talk bad about other people and at the end, she quit study because she was pregnant. Well, I hope she well and happy outside there. Forget about the past and start new life without judging other people's life anymore. 

Everyone have their own way of life. Clubbing, alcohol, drugs or sex is their choices. Some people have to experience that before they become a better person. But at the same time, we also need to consider about prevention. Please take care of ourselves.

P/s Actually, I really hate me myself when I was in my middle school. I hate my attitude, my judgmental attitude for religious sake. Now, after I break all those chains, I'm finally free. Really free.

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