Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My old entries

Again, my blog look so gloomy without anything update. There's already a lot of news and incidents happen in or out of my country. Well, my life just going so normal with typical problems. I try not to discuss it in here because it is long and boring. Just saying.

I flashback my old entries. I realize that I have one picture of mine crying inside this blog. I wanted to link it here but nay, no need I guess. It was stupid, funny and cutie attention seeker, well normal for me. That time, I was a teenager who really want people look at me, knowing that I'm exist.

I admit that my blog nowadays more to discussion about racism. I like that topic since my life mostly related with this problem. But, deep inside my heart, I don't want to discuss it more and more because it is make me sad and depress. Since my Facebook friend also like to post status about racism, I feel a bit annoying because I see those things almost everyday.

I try to focus on something important. I try to be me and I want to be nice to all people. I wish I can share my different thought to someone but I rather not, I still love my family and friends. It is not about respect, respect just respect. I did that because of my love toward them. I remember Miley Cyrus song lyric "forget the haters because somebody loves you".

To be a nice person is not easy as what we've been thought. Some people don't even care, some people don't deserve our kindness. All they want to see on us is our mistake. That's why I rather be kind without need to bring religion with me. That's the true honest. I don't need heaven. I want unlucky people have their life better.

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