Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Don't ever keep our enemy's "aib"

Our phenomena in Malaysia nowadays is about "aib" or "shame" in English if I'm not mistaken. Holy people always act like innocent like usual by saying it is not nice to spread other people's aib in public especially in social media. I don't say that I disagree with them but somehow its depend on situation. Sometimes, when we tell people our story, we want them to learn our lesson because we care. Why need to keep our enemy's aib? They don't even care about you at all and still they try to condemn you until you fall down because you didn't fight back. You just can't go out, bring your gun/weapon and shoot them. No, that's illegal. You also can't simply make false accusation toward your enemy. That's illegal too.

So, what I'm saying here, use your true words to share your story. Be honest even though it is hurt. If you have to reveal your enemy's "aib", then go on. Warn people about them so that you can help more people. This is what happening to me right now. I never keep my enemy's "aib". But it is doesn't mean I have no "aib". All my "aib" also been shared and modified by my enemies because they are many, every version of my stories were keep and later on will be spread again to the different people. Unlike me, only use this medium to spread their act toward me.

I need to do what they did to me, doesn't mean I have no different than them. Sometimes, you need to fight when people bullying you. I never forgive them, but I'm still happy with my own life. The only peace you can reach is when you get rid of your enemies. Some people rather to forgive because they are tired to fight. Some people like me wait for revenge, I don't mind when people saying bad thing about revenge. They are afraid they might get one actually.

Just the real me sometimes, empathy always going first. By the way, I have plenty of pictures including their naked pictures but i didn't post in public. I just like to keep it at somewhere, make hundreds of copies in case something will happen to me. To those people who like to gossip about other people, please think twice otherwise you will have to finish what you started.

So, be careful with people who you think they are nice people. They are nice to you but not to the others. Somehow, I feel want to vomit when see they talk like they are the most tolerance, mix families and better, holy and nice on their social media but the truth is far away to touch. Be me, and you will know how its feel. People say that when we talk about other people, we actually talk about our attitude. But how many people realize about that? People around us like stories, so they have something to talk about. Friends and families are their influences, no matter they are on good or bad side. You know the majority always win.

p/s I'm not a really good person and at least I'm not pretending

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