Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Poor Sarawak Malay

Oh poor Sarawak Malay,
Just because they hate what Malay Peninsular did, they blame whole Malay race including you
even though there's many good Malay outside there

Sarawak Malay,
We're been together with other races protecting Sarawak, protest all the double standard toward other races, but still those races blame Malay for their hard time.
Then, we realize we are nothing to them.

Oh Sarawak Malay,
Mostly we don't really mind about pork, some of us are not Muslim, we mix and eat together with other races and sometimes, we said "It's okay, we don't mind".
But still, we been hurt by them who claim there's should be no Malay in Sarawak land.

Poor Sarawak Malay,
Just because of certain son of a bitch who messed with other races, our race become a victim..
They say "Those Malay, those , those killiang, those laut, those kireng, and so on, and we don't have any idea what they said because we don't understand their holy gossiping words.

Malay people,
Accept that we have no place to stay especially in Sarawak even though we love so much our country and state, like Chinese and Indian still got origin place to worshiped.

Oh Malay in Sarawak,
Maybe they like to look for our mistake, they hate Islam but they confusing between race and religion
But, we prefer to stay quiet different than the other Malay at peninsular
Even worse, some of them who able to go overseas spreading about how Malay discriminate them while reality still got some the other Malay who fight for someone's right.

Sarawak Malay,
Is a human beings, ordinary like other people, the only we care is to compete one another while the other races look at us,

Sarawak people,
What's the point to fight using the word of God from the Quran and the Bible? It is clearly those religions cannot bring us together
But why put the blame on Malay then? Why must Malay?

Are they hate Malay or Muslim or Islam?
Or are they don't know what they hate, they just hate.

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