Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Marriage without parent blessing

I always heard that my friends and other local people saying that a marriage without family/mum and dad blessing won't be last. They believe that the "blessed" is the only way to prevent curse and problem in their home life. I feel sorry to these kind of people and afraid what will happen in the future if they continuously feed their children with this theory. I mean, is parent need to give an authority to us to get married with the person we want to get married? Then try to think the pros and cons.

To me, even that marriage was blessed by seven descendants, won't last once both or one of them don't love each other again. "blessed"? Totally bullshit and doesn't make any sense at all!

You know what make marriage without parent blessing won't last? Logically because the pressure from their own parent. They are the reason why divorce happen. So, to make it last, they have to survive by staying far away from their family, making less contact or never going their home even just for a visit. That's why I never blame a family who don't dare to go to their parent's home when their parent not well without knowing the true story. Even child can be a bad child, old people can be more than that.

If divorce still happen, un-blessing still not the main reason. The main reason is love, children and commitment. Married to the wrong person is common, even though it is your choice or your parent's choice.

I love my mum and she always okay with my choice

I never said we need to be so rude to our parent, the person who feed us and give us home. But, at least when we are thinking about their happiness, we need to think happiness for ourselves too. I understand not all children have a good parent who always consider with our choice. If we live in their tradition un-happily, maybe one day we will torture our children without our conscious just like our parent torture us. Maybe, it is time to break the loop for the meaning of a good life.

There's no such kind of proverb "married with someone is just like married with his/her family too". It is just a propaganda for a selfish family. Marriage is not an easy thing but we never include situation between a person with their family in law. The best way to avoid that kind of pathetic drama is don't ever stay together with them. NEVER!

A parent who willing to disconnect their family bonding just because their children getting married with someone they don't like is the real evil person who craving for heaven from their God. The most annoying thing is when they try to involve their God in their problem, try to blackmailed them with sins, taboos and so on. Bullshit.

There's so much couple outside there who getting married without their parent blessing. Some of them cannot stand for so long because lack of money, hardest life and too much commitment. We should come out from the shell and support them. I respect them because they are stronger than any other people, physically and mentally...compare to un-married couple who not ready in everything including commitment but still talk like they pro. It is doesn't matter when society try to condemn and call us bad people. We know our life better than them.

To our next generation, please stop producing "parasite parent". A good parent always know what best for their children, an excellent parent give them freedom to feel an experience. Don't ever make our children become our slave, asking them to do this and that no matter for any kind of reason especially for their God sake. Children is not our toys, so please raise them like an human, not machine.

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