Monday, September 1, 2014

My personality and my attitude

There still many people who confuse between personality and attitude. Personality is something to do with inherent and genetically formed. That's the thing that we just cannot throw away because it is already part of us. Attitude is the way we act and thinking, depending on our environment and situation.

Sometimes, people who don't know the real me will judge my attitude and not my personality. Like when they see me, they will think that I'm snobbish person but my friends think that I'm friendly person. I can act snobbish based on what input that I have at that time. I also can act depending on how people treat me.

One thing about me that I cannot get rid of, is I'm easy to get angry and emotional but I rarely show it in public. My instinct mostly right especially when someone try to do bad thing to me but mostly all the time, I just keep quiet until it happen. I'm a strict person to myself. If I feel I want to do something, I will do that no matter what but at least I have to convince myself about my target, otherwise I'm just  a person who know how wish with zero act.

I'm a cool person at the outside. I like to act like I'm a handsome guy even though I'm just an ugly girl who look good in the picture. I like to play game but not for a long time because I'm easy to get bored. The real me is actually I'm a not so confident person. When I see someone be success, I feel jealous, and I will hate myself more and more because I'm a failure. I will torture myself emotionally and sometimes cut my hand and I don't know why. Being human and me is hardest.

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