Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thanks to my ex

Did you ever listen to the Thank to my ex song by Nelly? In my personal opinion, I like that song but don't really like it so much (LOL, I don't know how to explain it). That song make me remember about my ex-boyfriend when my age still 20. My seniors used to told me that my face is just like a girl who have so many boyfriends, maybe "playgirl" I guess. Well, it's funny because the truth about me is I only ever fall in love with two guys in different timeline.

My ex-boyfriend is a guy from Pahang living at Malaysia Peninsular, have same age with me, graduated from Polytechnic and now work at private company. He's a good guy, I tell you. But I don't know why I left him suddenly. Yes, it was long distance love and we only can make it not more than 1 year. Maybe that time, I was so young, I live alone, never went together even for a single date, he so damn rarely replying my text and he only call me when he want to go sleep at night. The only excuses that he gave to me is, he was so busy with his work and I need an attention well at least once. That time, I felt like I'm single, he don't know what I'm doing and I don't know what he's doing. Sometimes, I can't put my trust on him so that easily because I used to see him commenting with the other girls on his Myspace account. Well, I actually don't mind about it at all. This feeling, you complicated right? Still young and love blind, ignorant, bla bla bla...

The best part about him is, he don't easily getting mad even when I'm mad like hell, he willing to call me over and over again, trying to coax me and say something nice. He so much different than the current one, who more to abandon me when my emotion unstable. My ex-boyfriend who used to ask my permission that he will come to Sarawak with his family to woo me as soon as possible that time but my dad refused that because he wanted me to continue my study to Degree, he's so nice, straight and gentleman but I can't say that I feel regret about it, I know I'm not the girl that he truly like, who wear hijab and be religious. Right now, I need to focus to pay back to the people I truly hate. 

p/s Current boyfriend is a good guy also, but I need to put away my love first. I still hope for the best from special person. I don't know who, maybe the current guy or better? Anyway, thanks to my ex, he makes me learn more about life, about people and about my feelings.

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