Friday, September 5, 2014

Me as a poor and lonely student

Today I went to UNIMAS to settle my education fee before our new semester start. Every each of semester, I have to pay around RM1,000 excluding college fee which cost around Rm400-500 per semester. I wonder how poor student who live far away from their university survive and pay their own rent? I mean, we just cannot depend on PTPTN or MARA or JPA. Some student are lucky, they have a up-to-date phone, laptop, car and able to go for shopping using their own family money or some of them know how to do business and get their own money. Gosh, it is so lucky if we are talented people.

Most all my friends will finish their study in this semester, some of them postpone due certain reason and some still survive just like what I'm doing here right now. Semester by semester, I can feel something change slowly, and I feel lonely. Soon, I will finish my study and be a complete adult. Wow, it hurt me, you know..this changes. I miss my friends so much.

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