Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hair treatment

Today I went to Salon at Kuching town after a long time since busy with study on last semester. Sometimes, I admit that I can be so lazy to go outside from home especially when the weather so damn hot from early in the morning until late evening. Okay, back to the salon topic, yeah I decided to make some maintenance to myself and glad the salon seems like free from customers, otherwise I need to wait about hours.  

From 8.30 am in the morning until 1.00 pm, I wasting my time by sitting, lying and walking in the salon, this is all because of my hair. All I wanted this day is the best for my hair even though the cost a bit expensive. Our hair easily get extremely dry after straighten or dye or expose to chemical product plus with high temperature. Dried hair can change our hair color and after that, the hair will get damage. Mostly girls/women who come to salon only focus to straight or dye their hair without include any treatment just because they don't want to pay more. The treatment is the most important thing we should do in salon.

A good treatment are expensive. If you want to do it economically, you can do it at home by yourself as long as you have enough materials. The first picture you see, is a vitamin and treatment that we can apply to our hair at home. Nigao professional product is one of the best brand from Germany and Ezo is the vitamin serum. Serum can be apply after shampoo, conditioner and treatment. 

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