Thursday, October 23, 2014

My old photos

Did you ever have take your picture using old school camera that have film inside? Well, maybe someone who born 90's and below mostly had their chance to feel that, like me. 

This photo above is when I finally graduated my kindergarten. That time I was 100% blur and don't know what happen on that day. This time also was my first time wore hijab and I remember before we arrive here that time, my dad used to curse a lot because he don't know how to set up my hijab and he makes me look like trouble him so much. I don't know that time wearing hijab is compulsory during convocation but I hate it. 

This photo above is when me and my family went to Miri for Raya celebration holiday. That time, I was 9 years old and beside me is my third brother playing at Luak beach. Wow, I was so happy that time!

This photo above is when I reach 15. Me and my family went to Bintulu to visit my mother's relatives. That time, we're went to Bintulu Tumbina Garden and the kids sitting around me are my cousins while the bald kid sitting next to me is my fourth brother. The little kid that I hold is my cousin's little brother that sit on the left while the right is my cousin's daughter (nephew). Her dad is from UK and her mother is Iban.

This picture above is when my dad took the picture of me and my second brother inside our rent house at Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Hjh Normah secondary school, because my dad is a teacher.

This picture is when me and my family went for a walk at Daro's park. The oldest person in the picture is my mother while those two boys sit on the swings are my first and second brothers.

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