Thursday, October 9, 2014

Good photo of mine

Some people like to take their own photo while some people hate to do that, even they also hate people who like taking selfie so much and not to forget got certain people who "meludah ke langit terkena muka sendiri". I don't know why people like to put the joke on themselves. Such LMAO.

I start to take my selfie when I'm 16 years old, the time I got my own phone (my dad buy for me). That time, selfie is not so famous like now since the phone with camera was rare and quiet expensive especially phone with back and front camera which we call it 3G's phone. Well, "touchscreen" and "smartphone" still not yet exist that time.

I start addicted to take my photo when I was in my diploma. That time, I must take my own photo well at least once a day and I don't care if my face got swollen, pale or sick like woke up in the morning and pretend that you need to be pretty no matter what. Since people who close to me don't really like to take any photo including my photo, I always encourage myself that I can take my own photo even better than anyone else. That's why it is hard to see my full body photo, but you did, mostly it will looks ugly, fat, not strategic, funny like Oh my fish! I want to kill myself!

My face also look rounder especially when I tie my hair. It is actually hard for me to take a good photo and I also afraid if someone who take my photo get annoyed with my so ordinary face. The best person who can take my photo like professional is my third brother and since he stay far away from me, I only can get a good photo like once a year.

Just woke up

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