Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sematan beach

My last entry is about being positive. Now, my this entry I would like to share about stress. I mean how I release my stress out. One of the way is road trip to the nature and beautiful places, other than shopping malls. I like to go beach you know, windy and beautiful sea and I feel really peace. Since Pasir Pandak, Permai and Santubong beach sounds common to me, I decided to go to Sematan beach for the second time. It is took around two hours from Kuching to Sematan, but the far we go, the more adventure I feel. 

Sematan is the small area, but the most beautiful place that I ever been because their waterfront is the blue beautiful sea while Kuching waterfront is just a big color river and still, look nice. I wish I could go here oneday with my friends.

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