Thursday, December 11, 2014

华语 Oral test

This my 2011 entry if I'm not mistaken. It is took a long time for me to post it because I'm a bit shy with my bad broken Mandarin language. But now, I think I forgot already most of the Chinese characters and their pronunciations since I didn't practice it to the real world.

" 昨天下午我有华语 oral test。 我很伤心因为我不记得”租金“这两个字。我看我的朋友很高兴。我知道她们可以回答问题。


不笑我的 entry。 我知道了我不良好华语。。。='(

Yesterday evening I got Mandarin oral test. I felt so sad because I cannot remembered the last two of words " rental ". Then, I saw my friends were so happy. I knew that they can answered all the questions.

My teacher asking me five questions. She asked me about unit for rent.

Yesterday also (look so weird actually) I went back early to hostel, and I felt so hungry and tired. After dinner, I went to studied (mandarin). The exam is just around the corner.

Please don't laugh at my entry. I know that my mandarin is not good... ='(

P/s It's hard for me to synchronize between both of languages.