Monday, January 12, 2015

Me as a chubby girl

Nowadays, all women are so admire to be skinny with fat boobs and butt including me. To me, become skinny is not so bad like the some jealous people used to say skinny are ugly skeleton because they know they never be like that. Skinny is good you know, you can find your clothes size so easily, you don't have to worry about fit t-shirt or skinny jeans unlike when you are chubby, those clothes make your fat seen by people around you. You have no confident (I mean, I have no confident because I'm chubby.

The funny part about my body is, you can't see my chubby body if you stand in front of me. You only can see how fat I am from my side view of body. Yes, it is look very wide sometimes depend the angle of your vision. That's why I always have a problem when it comes to select the correct size of shirt. I have to avoid to wear something bright color of shirt otherwise I will look bigger. Black color is always the best.

Well, I also hate when my face look so round plus double chin become big and bigger. Other girls maybe like fat cheeks but not me, I prefer the moderate one. Moreover, I like to take selfie so I need a good angle to get a good picture of me.

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