Friday, January 23, 2015

The un-cute cat (Nanu Nunu)

Actually, it's already a month since I pet one Siamese female kitty in my rent home. The owner of this house used to ban us from adopt any pet inside this house but now I have to broke their rule due the certain reasons.  

I felt so hard to take my selfie with Nanu Nunu

This kitty was belong to my friend's cousin staying near at CityOne shopping mall. Their rent house's owner also don't like pet so much, they even ask my friend's cousin to throw those kittens away together with their mother. The owner said those cats will scratch  their house furniture and they hate it. My friend's cousin really love cat, she used to bring her kitten to the vet just because that kitten got fever and have no appetite to eat that time. Not all people willing to waste their money and time just for the unworthy local cat unless that people have the extra money.

My friend's cousin that time need to let go 3 kittens as soon as possible because the house owner warned her already about those pets. My friend took one male kitten to their house at Sebuyau while their friend also took the other one male kitten. No one want to adopt the female kitten so I took a risk and volunteer because I feel pity so much to that kitty.

I understand not all people like to adopt the female cat because they're demand, skinny even though they eat much, and very expensive to spay them instead of neuter a male cat. Female cat also, if we can't afford to spay them, we have to face their heat season where they need to go out to find a male cat for mating. When they're pregnant, we need to consider the foods that we need to buy for those kittens and their mother. Since I'm still student, I don't have a lot of money to cover her needs and I admit sometimes, I do regret because I did something without think twice.

But I'm okay, I just need to be strong because I have another responsibility now. My new kitty name is Nanu Nunu. She's not cute but I do love her so much. Her body look a bit smaller than any other kitten but she eat so much. She never grow bigger I guess but she's healthy. Her shampoo so much expensive than Carlson's shampoo. She even have her own conditioner and anti lice for her fur.

Now, I need to focus to collect more money to bring her to the vet and hopefully I can spay her as soon as possible.

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