Thursday, January 15, 2015

Liquid eyeliner

This entry I will talk about eyeliner. The more specific is liquid eyeliner. I hate this type of eyeliner because liquid eyeliner only look so perfect when someone who really expert applying it. If you are not professional, your art will be ugly. But I always wanted to try that eyeliner, I wish I can learn it with only one line like some of my pretty friends always did.

Just ignore my eyebrow there, it's so natural and I don't even feels like want to make it on fleek. 

You know I just can't close my left eye because I just can't. LOL. I can close them both in the same time only. So, to apply this kind of eyeliner kinda hard actually. To have at least good line of eyeliner by make your eyes look at the down side and don't forget to put your mirror at down level also so you can see your eyes on it. Try to avoid eyelashes when you applying it, otherwise you will make the line quite mess. You also can add on pencil eyeliner to make it look neat.


The advantages of liquid eyeliner is, during hot weather, the eyeliner color won't melt and won't make your eyes looks like panda. But it is depend with the eyeliner brand and quality. Well, at least waterproof. Liquid eyeliner color also smoother than pencil eyeliner, no clumping and more clean as long as you know how to applying it.

p/s One more thing, they are easy to be cleaned.

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