Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My wild dance sexy pictures

That day, I felt like I want to dance. JUST dance and throw away all the worry things from me especially when I'm so stress about my study. I know I can't remove the bad memories about those judgmental lecturers and people who don't understand me, I feel so fed up, I wish I can kick their ass because they are an asshole.

I will never forgive them. I'm so tired become so nice to them and been treated like a rubbish by them. I worked hard until I feel exhausted and sleepless but all they want to see is my mistake. Too bad people who I talking about now is high educated people but arrogant and become so double standard.

If they want to see an evil, I can become one and hopefully I can destroy their life. LOL. They will pay back sooner or later. Here, I put some pictures of me do the wild dance.

Opps, don't easily get offended! We are all free to talk about anything like people who freely to practice their beliefs.

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