Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jew, Jewish, Israel and Zionist... Bad or Not?

Muslim people are very sensitive with this issues because their Quran told them on how they should put too much prejudice to that race. Especially in Malaysia. Those Muslims sometimes offended so easily and sometimes I think that mostly their mind about everything totally doesn't make any sense and too much negative thought. I'm not saying that I'm pro-Jews but just think logic, why Islamophobia exist??

Before that, we should know all the different between Jew, Jewish, Israel and Zionist. Some people who think that they know everything tend to talk lies and fictions so that everyone who fool knows they are "cool". Well, seems legit. Maybe they should read more about journals than read what they have shared on Facebook. For your information, I didn't put citation in my blog because I'm just express my opinion here, everything is personal.

So back to the topic, I really don't like someone who use other's race to condemn one person they hate. This is why majorities keep discriminate the minorities. No matter how high their level of education, their hatred make them think like a child. What do you think when Muslim in western countries mostly discriminated by the majorities? This is how Muslim did discriminate the minorities in Muslim countries. The truth about all those thing happen because of religions. Yes, the "nicest, forgiveness and peace". I mean all religions, so please.

Can you imagine what world would be when we all stop believing in God? Well, at least we still fight for resources and politics. I feel sorry to the people who never yet meet a good person or a good Jew. I used to hate pure Malay people so much until I met the good Malay girl and my mind immediately changed everything about them.

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