Monday, January 5, 2015

My wild 2015 new year

Since I stay for many days at Kota Samarahan with my friends for Christmas and New Year celebration, I realize that I've too much enjoyed myself being a wild girl. Well, maybe I've been so much stress with my study especially when I have to deal with some people who don't really understand my situation and never considers my feeling. Not just only me, my friend, Hallen also have the same situation and I think kinda worse than me.

I don't even feel like in mood to update my blog many weeks ago until now. I feel so stress, like I want to quit my study because I hate some people at UNIMAS. I hate the way they act like they know everything. But, I'm glad that my friends always be with me in this kind of hard situation. Even though my study week full of weird activities like hang out until morning, drink and talk about sex and sex education all night. It is so damn funny like, you know..

It is doesn't matter, men and women mixed in one group of conversation. I find it so interesting with some hilarious jokes and open minded friends. I wonder when that day will be happen again, only once a life. Next day, we went out again, go to the river, barbecue, picnic and lastly, we're enjoyed our night at the club (first time in my life)! Clubbing is not so bad at all. It just like we go there, sitting, socialize, dancing, drinking or smoking. I don't know why some people so judgmental about clubbing things unless when involving drugs or having multiple sex with random people. I mean, we don't need to go to club just because of those things. We are matured enough to differentiate what is wrong and what is right.

I really appreciate one of my guy friend, like Albert Kedu. He so gentleman, explorer, and really nice guy. While some other guy are just okay and some, I already know what his true color. You know what I mean. LOL.

So, This is how I wasted my time for my holiday before study like crazy on my final exam. I actually don't really mind what people will going to say about me. I'm curious!

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