Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Me without the contact lens

My eyes with contact lens

Only a few people ever saw my real eyes without the contact lens, since my eyes fully depending on this stuff. I only remove it when I need to go to sleep, moreover we suppose to wear the lens not more than 8 hours a day. I start to wear lens since I was in form 4 secondary school. Before that, I was tried to wear glasses but my eyes degree became worse from 200 until 500 plus within 1 year until I try the other alternative way which is wear the contact lens and my degree stable until now. 

My eyes with glasses, I can't hold it more than 5-10 minutes

Some people around me feel a bit weird because they never see yet, my real eyes like they always thought that I wearing that thing for almost 24/7. LOL. My new friends sometimes used to thought that my eyes is blue (because I wearing the blue lens that time, my favorite color since 2-3 years ago) and she suddenly asked me is my original eyes is blue. Wait what? Of course not, because I'm an Asian and dark brown eyes is common. Sometimes, my international friends also asked me the same question and I always welcome to answer it.  

The truth about my eyes is that my iris look a bit smaller than any other people's iris. I don't why but maybe because I always wear the big diameter of contact lens, and make me feels like, so used to it. Sometimes, I'm just so shy to show my original eyes because I think that I'm not that good instead of me who wear the lens. 

My eyes without lens

What I really wish in the future, is I hope there's lens which we can wear it for a long time without need to remove it everyday, more safe, cheap and beautiful. Having a low vision make me feel less confident about myself. 

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feeqa rayyan said...

hai aliana :)
saya feeqa just drop by here n love ur entries simple n just nice ^_^

nak try solve masalah rabun? hee jom terjah my blog ;)