Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Being different than the others

When I was young, I always thought that I'm a not normal person like my friend at school or my neighbor's daughter. Sometimes, I also thought that my family is weird, like my dad always lock every door in our house including the main door to prevent his children to go outside playing. My mum is a very emotional person. She can overthinking to make her overreacting. She also can make her own conclusion by thinking negative about small matter and make it the biggest problem in the world. She's a bit "mafia" to me but she's a nice mother. I always wish that she surrounded with positive vibes to make she become much better than before.

I'm a freak girl since I was small and people start to realize about it during my high school. I tried to hide my weird from people and yet, my schoolmate friends came to me and told me that sometimes I was acting so freaky. But I'm so glad they accept me for who I am. Well, sometimes, they can make fun about my habit because I'm so different. One of the weird part about me is the way I'm thinking and how I try to explain it to people. Sometimes, my point of view can make them surprise because it is sound so different like why government keep changing our money appearance design and I simply said "Well, we should believe that people can do the time travel in the future".

Moreover, I don't have any close male friend until I reach 21. I have an experience that make me phobia with the guy (actually during my primary school, I have one classmate boy who sit in front of me always turn back just to talk to me and share his story about how he and his big brother watched porn WTF yuck! I'm only 10 that time, please!). I also an outdoor person, I can travel alone to the place that I haven't go before except when I run out of money. So, I need stay quiet for a certain time.

I'm an awkward person. I'm not really friendly, I can't communicate well with people because of my language and I can't speak very well. People who don't know about me tend to think that I'm a snobbish bitch, I don't easily smile to random people and I don't even look at their face because I don't want to. It's awkward, LOL. It is not surprise if you found that I have just  a few close friend. But, once people come inside my circle and be m friend, I will love them until I die even sometimes, they give me a shit. I'll forgive them. I'm the "guy" who stay among my girl friends, protect them like a hero.

I'm type of quiet person of course, but I'm active in social media. I speak louder in cyber world.

The worse part about me is I always get spoil everytime I want to act like I'm cool person. My friend always be there to laugh at me and I don't why. I guess I'm not a cool person, just weird and funny girl.

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