Friday, February 13, 2015

Aliana AB and her big butt

Every women must have something that doesn't seems right for them well at least at one part of their physical, like half part of the upper body look so big than the lower part, thigh too fat, bloated stomach, huge shoulder, breast too big, square shape of face and so on. While me, having a trouble with my big butt.

Even though my friends always said that big butt is an asset to be a pretty girl, I think that's a shame especially when people look at it. My butt actually not really damn big, but I still considered it as a big size than a normal size butt when compare with girl which have same body shape with me. Western women surely like it so much and some of them willing to do some implants to make their butt look so big, while in Asia, we prefer to be skinny only.

The disadvantages of having a big butt is when you feel so hard to find the right pants or jeans. I always wanted to wear a loose jeans and fit on my stomach but you know the Asian jeans size is just like the size of a girl who not yet reach their puberty. The worse part is when we really hard to find a pants that have big diameter size of thigh and butt but small diameter size of stomach.

Low cut jeans is killing me enough. I like these type of jeans but can't even have a chance to wear it because of my butt make my body shape ugglier. Not just jeans and thigh, I also have a problem with underwear. Man, if I have my own sewing machine, I will make my own clothes that suitable for my body size and shape. I'm tired with all this stereotype of unprofessional tailor.

When I was in primary school, year 6, I guess. I always get bullied by some of boys at my age because I have a big butt. That time, I wore big "baju kurung" and still can't cover the size of my butt. You how I wish to have a normal size of butt, not too flat, not too round and big.

I did many ways of exercises especially on how to make my butt smaller but I failed. Yes, it is work for smaller thigh, flat stomach and arms but not butt. Right now, I'm just focus to increase my metabolism since my body on the way become chubby.

p/s Some people said that, a woman who have a big butt or pear body shape can prevent heart attack desease also easy to give birth a baby. LOL.

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