Saturday, March 28, 2015

How to play Beast CABAL online game

Hey guys! First of all, i'm sorry if my grammar is not good, you know that i'm not really good in English especially in writing. Ok, just staright to the point.. Today, i would like to share you guys how to play Beast CABAL because i see many new players still blank and always asking how to get alz (money) to buy sets from Lady Shop.

1. How to get alz? Not to buy your set, but to buy your skill's book from your instructor. Try to hunt at everywhere and kill the whatever mobs and collect the money their drops (sounds like stupid, but worth at first). Just simple as that. Or, if you are lazy, just online and wait for many hours and then you can get 2 of potion of luck (which each of it contain 15m) from your special premium gifts in your special inventory.

2. If you are first newbie, just forget about getting alz to buy your set. You just focus to reborn until 100 times and over. You know why? Because if you focus to buy your sets first, and then after you change into new sets all, these sets will be useless especially when everytime you reborn because of your low stats and low level which you need to start at level 1 again and again. Your original set (first sets you get) actually important for you to reborn because you need to use your BM1, BM2 or BM3 (newbie still need to use BM1, 2, 3 to survive at Arcane Trace).

3. How to reborn? First, you visit Beast Cabal game and click vote. (Remember, voting and set reborn or stats is not working on google chrome, you guys better use other browsers or use your mobile phone). Vote is another easy way to get a free premium coins so that you can use that coins to reborn and buy any costumes, blessing beads and so on. Or the other way is to buy using your real money through deduct your credit phone money to buy coins. Normally, players like reborn at Arcane Trace which you can see through map (press M) because they can get high exp.

4. How to reborn fast? You guys can buy Beast Blessing Beads (BBB) at webshop or also direct from Itemshop (press N) which cost only 10000 premium coins. This BBB can help you a lot especially in reborn. If you guys hate to die so many times during reborn at Arcane Trace, find someone strong enough or someone who had BBB and party them. They can help you reborn fast.

5. After reborn 100+, you guys can focus collect your alz and get cool items and spam at wherever dungeons that you guys want. If you guys still feel not strong enough, then you need to reborn again depend on your effort. Also, when you have BBB during reborn, just use normal attack or BM1, 2 and 3. Other attack will be not working. Don't forget your basic things also like HP, MP potion and return stone.

6. Anything you want to know, better ask and don't just be quiet even though the question sound like stupid. Yeah, i know how you feels..

P/s This is 15 minutes entry


Anonymous said...

Pok, apa jak spec BBB ya? Brapa % drop rate increase mnda ya?

Aliana AB said...

blh nanga dkt google, ku dh xingat gik.. lamak dh xmain beast cabal tok