Monday, March 9, 2015

My ugly life

Tonight, I'm just want to stay in my room alone and listen to the new song Aku Tahu by Ungu band. This song actually is not really a sad song but when I listen more to the vocalist tune, it is enough to make me feel sad, like a I want to cry because of overthinking.

I also don't have any mood to play my online game. I think that I need to entertain my feeling tonight.

As I try to flashback my life many years ago, I think that I'm a failure. I don't see improvement of my life performance. I have less quality when compare to the others, especially when involve study and UNIMAS. I feel stress a lot and I feel so alone. Sometimes, I feel I want to quit everything.

My personal life also not beautiful or even none of the my scene life are beautiful. That's why I like to play game, the only thing that can can pull me out from reality. Gosh, I'm so stress and I feel like I want to hurt myself.

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