Monday, May 11, 2015

Neighborhood culture at Matang Jaya Kuching

First of all, I didn't mean to insult certain people who live at Matang Jaya Kuching neighborhood. The main reason I write this entry is to tell other people about reality when they become a third world country mother who like to talk bad about someone but still going to pray or church for forgiveness for their own sins, holy motherfuckers. That's so easy to clean up sins LOL. I wonder how they become a mother to their own children with their attitude, or maybe they teach them on how to gossiping, hate other people or compete with one another?

Well, I hate gossiping. As much as people try to bring me together into their group to gossip, I prefer to listen more and talk less. I don't want to judge people who I don't really know and always imagine what if make up stories can destroy someone's life? So, Matang Jaya neighborhood is one example of these kind of people, trying to show their love at the outside but hate in the inside.

First house story is Carl's neighbor located at opposite to his house. They used to be sworn by carl's mother because she knows that neighbor's daughter got lice inside her hair and prevent Carl's sister to be friend with her (long time ago. She also said to Carl that the neighbor's mum used to make bitch face with Carl's sister. What more interesting from that, Carl's mum can act like happy like nothing happen in front of her neighbor because the mum is her friend too (so friend who can talk bad behind your back still can be a bestfriend). Don't you know that they both also used to talk bad about their Malay neighbor which that time I remember Carl said to me that her mum complain their Malay neighbor that only invited the parent (not the whole family-well maybe that Malay family need to limit their budget for foods which not all people will not consider about it/ever cross their mind) to their thanksgiving feast (I guess). Her mum did came to that feast but only for a while and then she go to the other feast with her bestfriends like a hot old bitch using a car (in front of my eyes). Yeah, when you with buddies, you will have the power to show off.

The second house story is Carl's Malay neighbor, the most favorite gossip topic for Carl's family especially her mum. Their Malay neighbor dad working at Hornbill company which as far as I know, he used to be one of most important person in his company (Now he retired). Carl's mum hate them because she claim they like to show off their wealthiness while I think Carl's mum also did show off in front of other people too. Their family also hate their Malay neighbor because their son used to steal bad iron behind their yard while Carl's family went to Bau on the weekend. They know about this because their Chinese neighbor said that she was the witness of the case. Carl's family also used to complain their Malay neighbor pour drink into small tiny glasses during Raya celebration and said that Malay so much stingy by doing that. For the next Raya celebration, Carl's family was planned to park their car far from their own house just because they don't want that Malay family invite them to go to their house for Raya celebration. In my opinion, I don't think Carl's family hate what their neighbor's did, I think they hate Muslim and Islam so they can find any mistake even the small one and blame Malay Islam for it like Carl ever said to me that her mum hate her own sibling just because she wearing hijab as she's converted by saying that her sister act like a "proud" Muslim.

Third house story is Carl's neighbor located at in front of his house on the right before the first house. This house actually belong to someone and he rent it to other people. That house is one of robber's favorite project for a certain reason. But, what we can do then, we all busy to talk bad behind each other back rather than alert to our neighborhood safety.

The last house is Carl's Chinese neighbor house, which also used to be one of their hot topic. Actually there are two Chinese generation live at that house. The latest one, Carl's family always complain their neighbor put their dog at the outside without any protective roof or a small dog house. Well, I kinda agree with that because I hate people who said they love dog or pet but they always ignore them.

You see, Sarawak consist with a lot of different cultures, races and religions, but it is actually not too harmony like we always say out loud on Facebook like "acah-acah 1 Malaysia". Yes, sometimes it did happen but not to all people or not to all community. The main reason why we are so hard to mix all the races because of religions and surely parent is the best person who can influence their children with hatred toward other people who different than them. Well, I feel so hard to talk about this in front of those king of people because they are older than me and surely they labelled me as "rude young girl" for dare to give criticizes which they think we should be quiet and let them bully us. It won't change them because they are ego so I write it here and people can read it, make it as a lesson for our young generations. To me, it's okay to swear (like fuck-humor sense etc) but act good and bring positive attitude from heart to outside, instead of pretend to be good in public and pray to God for positive vibes because we're too lazy to gain that.

Sometimes, I found it funny when read about harmony in Sarawak but reality, it is still far from peace. Some people just want to talk without an action. They think they know harmony and peace better? Well, I think they should know me first, know all my friend's races, know all my family members races and the places that I ever been (I mean are they dare enough to ignore God just for humanity?).

But, this is people. They have 2 or 3 different races friends (out of thousands) already make full version of those people race valuations and claim that they know everything about them. Who they think they are?

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