Sunday, May 17, 2015

Private stories in cyber world

There are so many people like to share their private story of life on cyber world, including me. But some of them looks like over reacting like sharing about negative/sensitive things until they embarrassing themselves for example broken family or divorce. They don't really mind about that as long as they get an attention. Some people also really like to share their own details on cyber like an ID number, their relationship, their children, their workplace, they home address, salary details, a lot of money pictures and also total amount of money in their bank account. 

While I am type of like to share my sad life on my blog but I never go too much detail about myself. Maybe some people will think I'm also over reacting and well, maybe yes and what can I do. I love explaining here rather than go for counselling with random people. I don't trust people. When I write my story here, its remain the same forever. 

I didn't blame people who asking for attention on internet. We are all craving for it but sometimes, we need to be careful because we don't know what will happen to us in the future. There's a lot of strangers here. Some people are good people and some are not. Its okay if we want to share something but be smart.

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