Monday, June 15, 2015

Straight long hair with square bangs

Its been for a while since I keep my front hair longer just because I want to observe whether it is suitable for me or not, moreover my face shape quite round and fat. After many month of observation, now I realize my hair without bangs make my face bigger and look old.

Nowadays, girls doesn't really do nerd bangs on their hair. They usually like to let their front hair getting longer with a bit beautiful messy, plus with big waves hair like supermodel on the magazine.

Indeed, this kind of hair fashion look better and match with mostly girl outside there except for me, maybe because of my face shape. Now, I think square bangs is the best style for me for a while until I figure out another better hairstyle for myself.

The worst part when having these bangs is we need to make sure they don't look so messy. I also like to layer my hair since my hair a bit thick. I don't know why I just can't get over this hairstyle.

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Anonymous said...

Gaya rambut rata di depan buat awak lagi menyerlah.! Woww beautiful