Thursday, August 6, 2015

Women and makeup

I'm so rarely update my blog lately since there's no Streamyx WIFI in my rent home now. Its been a couple days also I went outside enjoyed for some movies. That time at Cityone Mall cinema, I have seen a young Chinese woman with her very beautiful makeup especially her big eyes makeup and goddamn long fake eyelashes. Then, I realize that it is been a long time I didn't use my makeup. The biggest reason is I feel so lazy to remove my makeup, and it is not that easy especially removing a mascara. If we don't remove our makeup properly, it will affect our skin and make our face become older than our age.

Yesterday, I've tried to do some makeup on my face, just a simple very light makeup like toner, cream, compact powder, white eyeliner and also mascara before I go to shopping. I didn't dare to use black color eyeliner because I'm afraid my eyes will become dark like panda.

Even though I'm not a makeup fanatic woman, I actually like other woman wear their makeup. Its doesn't matter if that makeup is heavy or light as long as its suitable and beautiful to that the person who wearing it. Some people like to condemn the others like "makeup just want to cover their ugly face" or "what a fake!" or "attention seeker" or whatever they want to say. We should not care about that, the commentators also not pretty as well. Not everyone in this world born with natural beauty which we also know they are not perfect in certain way like us.

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