Thursday, October 22, 2015

Murtads, apostasy and convert issues in Malaysia

These type of issues actually a bit sensitive for Muslim and Malaysian but I dare myself to write it in here and express how I feel about it. I wonder how many people knows their own brothers and sisters in faith convert and change to another religion? I can imagine there's a lot of non-Muslim convert but not Muslim convert, and don't be too proud because the main reason"murtad" is forbidden whether in Malaysia or most Islam country. Otherwise, these people will be killed, re-educate or jailed, or even need to pay compound with big amount.

Non-Muslim think this kind of law a bit double standard and I have to admit yes, it is not fair at all. Why Non-Muslim can convert while Muslim can't? Even in Sarawak, Islam is not our official religion.

As far as I know, for Malaysian Muslim, apostasy or renounce Islam is forbidden because there are story about after prophet Muhammad S.A.W died, people started to lost their faith because they thought he's immortal. To prevent that, some of Muhammad's hard followers try to restore those people's faith by three steps. First step. is re-educate them back. Second step, persuade again and again. third step, after first and second fail, is KILL. Click this for further information, I took it from Muslim writer and also I got it during my religious class shared by ustazah.

Death sentence? Seriously? Yes. It is. But how come it is still available until today? Especially people who born Islam like me. There's no hope to get out safely. Maybe that's why people commit suicide when knowing they can't have their own life. We don't even get any chance to decide what we want to believe and parent trying hard to force their children in religion.

There's also no different between Christian. Even though they didn't kill the non-believer, they judge them by saying hell is the right place for the non-Christian people. To me, all religion is just the same, they bias and only put their people first as their priority which I think the "beautiful" of religion only can reach among them. Since when we put quantity first before quality? This is why munafiq exist, because of forcing someone to believe while they actually don't.

Sometimes, I feel bad with non-Muslim in Malaysia. Most of them need to surrender for the sake of their families. Some parent try to prevent their children to make love with Muslim because you know what will happen. To them, Islam is extreme and most radical religion which make people more aggressive, fanatic and selfish. Well, it is true actually. Like what happen in front of me, some muallaf  started to separate their own stuff  (especially foods and kitchenware) from their non-Muslim parent, afraid of the dogs, rarely going back to their parent's home or even make a disgust face about everything which make their parent sad. They forgot how they used to eat together, mix together and be happy together before they convert. I'm so tired with this excuse "kena faham suci dan tak suci sesuatu bekas atau tempat even tempat solat" without considering other people feeling. This is what happen when religion come first. It is just like a zombie who crave some brain. No humanity, no empathy.

Not all Muslim is a true Muslim. The fake Muslim mostly a very good Muslim while the radical one, is the pure one. Many of them are actually disappointed about their religion and their fellow religious people. Many of them a non-believer deep down in their mind and heart, cannot say it out loud and they stuck and stay closet. Maybe some of them get ready to be killed, which is the only way to be free forever.. is to die.

Mix marriage in Sarawak is common. Like my mum and dad. My dad is Muslim Malay and my mum is Pagan Iban.

p/s I'm sure some people will get offended after read this, but what can I do. I need to say this so that people will know what is actually happen in here, pros and cons of religion. I didn't mean to hurt people but converting issues should be fair to all religion. I also hate most bias Malaysia media, which proudly "kepo-kepo" if someone convert to Islam and congrats happy while the Muslim convert will be mocked by saying "gila, tidak waras". They say they are good people but we know about everything.

Its clearly how religion keep us far apart, but I just cannot act like I'm a superhero. I don't want to force people to believe what I believe. I just want them to be happy and accept me for who I am and most important, I wanted to free myself from everything. I mean, free to be a good person, not religious in my point of view. I don't want to insult those hijabis, they are free to wear what they want as long as I'm free to wear what I want. I don't mind people come to me and saying Hallelujah or listen some adzan loudly. I respect all people, and all I need is to respect my decision.

I've been in the place where people mocking me because I don't want to follow religion's rules or not being religious by some Muslim and also being denied by non-Muslim because I'm not the one of them plus they hate other Muslim and they use me as their sandbag. You know how it feels? It hurt.

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