Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My experience with first job

After I finished my studied, I never feel want to get a job related with what I've learned (Biotechnology field). Now, I just excited to learn business and accounting. If you want to know more, I'm right now have my first job in accounting field at one company located somewhere in Kuching.

In a way to get a job experiences is not as simple as study at University. We do the same things almost everyday, sometimes manager can ask you do almost impossible task which you think it cannot be done something like this by given only this short period. Hell no.

My job experience can be almost impossible because my manager suddenly need me to key in around 20,000 of customers's details in 2 weeks. I feel how possible it can be because they didn't teach you how to do that. You need to think by yourself and at last I have an idea to solve that problem.

Got one saleswoman told me that my dark circle under my eyes become worse than before, I think I've been too stress with my job nowadays (Photo was taken with a very good lighting so no dark circle seen).

Sometimes, when your company ask you to do your job, you need to find your own way on how to finish your work. Everything, you must learn by yourself. No one will teach you.

Even if one day there's no one will appreciate your harworking. Just be smart. Keep your own formulas, your sofwares, your own datas, your work procedures by yourself and don't share it with other people. That can be your good asset where people don't simply throw you away.

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