Thursday, May 12, 2016

Late 20s but still single?

That day at my work place, a saleswoman come over to us and try to guess every each of our age. She said that my face look like I just turn to early of 20s. I feel so happy even though the reality I almost turn 30 in 3 years from now. Well, I also got one story about me and boyfriend having a breakfast at the outside. Suddenly an old lady come to us and promote their politic party candidate to us. I just simply said to them that I'm still under 21 years old (In Malaysia, you can go vote when you already 21 years old and above). They trust me and then they go looking for the other victim. I didn't mean to say that I'm still young but normally woman in late 20s tend to look younger like early 20s especially when they still single. My mother always ask me to continue my study because she thought that I'm still young but trust me, I just can't further study anymore.

How about my boyfriend? Now, I can see his effort but you know, I feel like I don't have any feeling about this anymore. I always wonder if I get married with the worng person. There's so many couple outside there feels like they glad to get married early but I don't think by getting married, you will be happy forever and ever and never get divorce. It is just so hard nowadays for people like us.

Maybe that's why I'm still single. Moreover, I also feel that my taste about marriage and guy a quite high just like a teenage girl who dream to get married with their prince. Suppose to be I should lower my taste like a desperate old single woman. LOL! I never feel so desperate, plus I still have my unfulfilled dreams.

Maybe also because almost all of my friends still bot getting married yet, and one of them a single mother make me feel is it I really need a guy in my life? Some of the woman outside there think that marriage is just bring them a big trouble about their unloyalty man. But, if true that all my friends will get married soon, I must be the one who always bored with my life. 

I wish I can meet a better guy for me and be my husband til the end of our time.


gr@wn said...

wow senangnya cara kau. Aku dah umur cenggini pun x senang hati

Aliana AB said...

pa blh buat, tension2 pun blum tentu dpt kahwin.. lalala