Thursday, August 25, 2016

2 things that we cannot change about human

1. Attitude

There's a good and bad attitude. But usually the bad one is hard to change. For example, not punctual which commonly people will relate it with Malay people. But is it actually not. Even some Chinese are not punctual either. I also have an experience with some foreigners who not punctual to do their work and go for meeting. People with bad attitude, no matter how nice you try to advice them or how bad to try to condemn them, they will not change their attitude especially for you if they don't like you. For teenagers, I think thats still normal because of their ego.

2. Mentality

This is very hard to change because we don't know what inside their mind. Sometimes, how people react is different than how they think. For example, we tell them that Islam is not terrorist, it is just someone try to manipulate the name of Islam. So, they just aggree and act nothing. But their mindset about Islamophobia will never change. You know, we just cannot force some to believe what they want to believe. I ever try to change what people's mentality about racism and religion things but guess what, they just say yes and after for while, they just don't care anymore because of their mentality. So, I just stop and think about myself. I remembered my lecturer used to say to his students about why we shouldn't care about what happen to the people of the world, racism, prejudice, bad politics, wars and so on, because we cannot control all those things. At the end, we cannot enjoy our life just because we think too much..

So, just be happy always. Not because we don't care about the others. But because we need to love ourselves first, then we can think about how to help the others. Which one that we cannot change, just let it be.

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