Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My comment about Mary Kay's products (I'm not Mary Kay's consultant)

Nowadays after I start working, I finally have my own money to do the maintenance on my face and body especially when my age is already late 20s. It is so nice of my officemate want to introduce me with Mary Kay's consultant and their products which is the consultant is also one of our saleswoman supplier.

From what I understand, Mary Kay's business system is just like MLM's business system which is we call that as a oak tree system of business. You may google it if you want more information. Mary kay's company in Malaysia have a lot of consultants. If you want to join them, you may pay a lot of money for that but you also can buy a lot of their products only for member prices.

 Before apply a mary Kay's mask

One more thing about Mary Kay's products is the price is quite expensive. Even my face moisturizer can cost around RM130+, but the quality is so much better than any other products. Mary kay's products also is not only focus on the face care products, but also including some makeup products, bags, nail colors and so on. But for me, I only interested with face care products since my skin is not so smooth and glowish skin like a baby skin.

The other special things is, this product is human tested. There's no biological tested or animal tested for those who love animal so much. So, from that we are all know that Mary Kay's product are really safe for human. But also we need to specify our own types of products because each of product have their own specific functions.

If you want to wear mask, make sure apply it until your neck area

My comment about this product is thumbs up! Not bad at all. My face doesn't look so oily nowadays and still can keep my face hidrated all the time. The most best product is their mask, my face suddenly glowing after apply that thing.

Maybe after this I will buy mary kay's pore minimizer

Why I didn't join Mary Kay's to be their consultant? Because I just know about the Mary kay and I still want to see how good it is to my skin. Maybe next time I should proceed to their makeup?

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