Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is this normal being hated by certain people for no reason?

Sometimes, we don't ask to meet someone who always hate us for no reason. They can be our neighbours, friends and our own family members. They never give up to ceompete us in every way even though we always behind them. They always wanted to know how our life is, what the new things we have and always find an ideas to bring us down.

We try to be nice with them, we even try to be low profile as much as we can. We wear simple, not too standard also can be a hot topic for them to talk behind our back. Whatever we do, whatever we says always can be something doesn't seems right in front of their eyes. We try so hard not to hurt other people's feeling but they didn't do the same to us.

So, the point is don't ever waste our time just to make them satisfy. They jealousy one day will eat them too. Just remember, whatever we do, they will still hate us. They hate us and hate everything about us.

The funny thing is, most of them are people who believe in God and their religion including Islam and Christian. The more funny thing is they are religious and holy person, Okay, we don't put the blame on religion actually but by seeing this, we know what cause them to be like that. Because of religion, they try to act like they a good people, they try to show off that, the other thing is they just don't give a fuck.

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