Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The best employee is can finish their work faster with high quality

Here, I like to share my story but I didn't mean to praise myself. You know, I've been working almost 1 year and I realize that I'm one of employees who can do the work faster than the others. But don't misunderstand, my work is still in a good quality. We are all know about working environment right, to me, make a mistake is just like humiliating myself, different than when I do the assigment during my study.

I'm type of person who don't like to postpone my own work except when I know my work cannot be done in 8 hours. I also don't like to do overtime, one of the reason because our office a quite creepy especially at night. The other reason is I'm afraid that my company will not pay my overtime because all the employees inside my office are quite shy to ask about salary to our managers including me. So, I think it is not really worth to do the overtime. I used to worked overtime and didn't get paid but I'm just okay, I did this because I wanted to help my company so I don't mind at all.

But, the bad thing about being this kind of employee is I have to much free time in office because all of my work done so quickly and I'm afraid my manager will think negative about me and my work especially how they consider to give me another work or assessment for me.

This is me before i go to work, rest with my Teddy Bear

You know, if you able to finish your work faster also not really a good thing because sometimes, people will think bad about you. There's no shortcut to be a better employee so better act with smart brain.

p/s I'm so in love account field!

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