Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tips before we start sewing using a sewing machine

Last month, my boyfriend buy me a sewing machine as a gift because I always complaint to him about my messy hand sewing technique. If you want to know, I never feel like to sew anything like dress. I'm just sew when I need to sew like the rip pants, pillows, something like that.

But, because I also don't like to see that sewing machine not functioning, I start to learn how to sew a simple things. At the end, I fall in love with this things, and become my new hobby. Now, I would like to share you guys about what we must have before we start sewing since I already have my own sewing machine.

1. Make sure you got your own sewing machine and all the accessories like scissor, needle and thread.

2. You also must have a suitable fabric.

3. Start your sewing project using your own body size if you want to do your own dress.

4. But it is better for you to start your sewing project with simple project like pillows. If you start with complicated dan difficult project, I'm afraid you will gettig bored because you will find it is actually hard to do and your project will fail.

5. You must learn the basic of your sewing machine on how to thread a sewing machine, also with their own needle and learn what suitable sewing pattern you need to put on your fabric.

6. Make sure you use the thing that you have sewed. Don not waste it.

7. Make sure your fabric is suitable with what you want to make from that. Like a pillow, is suitable if we use a cold cotton fabric since we live in hot weather country.

8. We also need to know that every size of needles specific for certain fabrics. If you put the wrong size of needle on wrong fabric will cause damage on your sewing machine.

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