Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Adis Buan Resort Segong Bau

That day, I was posted about Mid-Autumn Festival. Now, I will share you guys about one resort located at Singai, Bau. Last week, me and my friends having a lot of fun at the beautiful rocky river (I don't know how to call it) since that day the weather is quite hot lately.

We, from home

The water is not really deep, but still look so beautiful

We've getting lost so many times before arrived to our destination (Because my friends confused between Singai junction road and Apar junction road -_-). But still can't believe that we finally arrived before afternoon.

We also thought that maybe not so many people know about this place but amazingly, we've seen so many cars parked at the outside of the resort and there's a lot of people bring their families here!

Adis Buan river actually is just like the another rivers in Kuching, just what make them so special is we can go kayaking or rafting in the river. The entrance fee is only RM3 for one person.

We also can make our own barbecue or have a drink, or chilling with friends and families. Majority people who come to that place is Bidayuh Dayak People, and I'm not sure about Muslim, like.. You know..

On the way to go home

p/s All the pictures above is originally taken without edited, thanks to Sony, Asus and Iphone cameras. So, don't ever wonder if the qualities are bit different than the others. But it is actually doesn't matter.

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